The AGM of Kirkcaldy Canoe Club will take place on Tuesday 21 February 2017 at 7 pm in the Kinghorn Community Centre.

Margaret Chapman, the Club’s Chairperson has previously intimated her decision to stand down as Chairperson after many years of service to the club.

None of the current committee are willing to take on the role and therefore the club actively wish to encourage the current members to attend on the evening. If you or anyone you know wishes to be considered for this role, please contact a committee member in advance of the meeting for further information.

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A squad of Kirkcaldy Canoe Club paddlers recently took part in the British Marathon Championships held on the River Thames at Reading. Congratulations go to the following British Champions:

Andy Morton – British Champion in the K1 69 years and over category
Gilbert Speirs – British Champion in the K1 59 years and over category and
Margaret Chapman – British Champion in the K1 49 years and over category.

In the K2 class, Gilbert Speirs and Kenny Fraser won the 54 years and over event whilst, Ursula Mackintosh and Margaret Chapman were 2nd in the 44 years and over category.

Well done to these and all Scottish paddlers who travelled south to take part in the national event.

DSC00819_2 DSC00810_2 DSC00826_2 13697131_10157870798745377_5210395554724849597_n Andy Morton Portage