Forth & Clyde Marathon I
Sunday 14th May 2017

Race Control: Auchinstarry Marina by Kilsyth OS Grid Ref: 64 / 721768, G65 9SG

Start Times : Long & Short Courses 12:00 (divisions at 2 min intervals)
Mini & Lightning Course 12:20 (divisions at 2 min intervals)

Entries: In advance by Wednesday 11th May. Please send name and SCA No. Clubs, please use HRM entry tab and send entry file.
Paddlers must be members of the SCA/BCU or take out SCA day membership (£5) on the day

Entry Fees : Seniors £5
Juniors £4
Lightning £3

Briefing: 11:40am for all courses

Course Details
Long Course: From Auchinstarry east to Wyndford, turn and return west to turn at Craigmarloch Bridge, east again to Wyndford and return to finish at Auchinstarry. 12 Miles
Short Course: From Auchinstarry east to turn at Wyndford, return to finish at Auchinstarry. 7 Miles
Mini Course: From Auchinstarry east for c.2km under Craigmarloch Bridge then continue 250m further east, turn and return to finish at Auchinstarry 3 Miles

Lightning Course: From Auchinstarry east for c.750m, turn and return to Auchinstarry. 2 circuits c.3km

Car Parking Please ensure you use the designated car parking areas and do not park on the approach road.

Launching Boats must be only launched from the area around the launching ramp, canoeists must stay clear of boat moorings.

Ranking: Paddlers ranked in BCU Divisions 1-3 must paddle Long Course, 4 – 6 Short Course, 7 – 9 Mini Course.
K2 crews must race the correct age group if racing for the Scottish Championship, otherwise the division calculated as the average of the 2 paddlers rankings (halves rounded down)

Safety : Buoyancy aids are compulsory for all lightning and mini course paddlers, Divs 7, 8 & 9. They are discretionary for other paddlers although all paddlers are advised to wear them. In adverse weather conditions the race organiser may require all paddlers to wear them.
All boats used in marathon racing must be fitted with sufficient buoyancy to support the boat and crew in the event of capsize. Inherent buoyancy in composite boats is not sufficient to meet this requirement. Additional foam buoyancy or air bags must be fitted.
The canal is open to traffic. Paddlers must take care particularly when negotiating bends and bridges. Paddlers must not obstruct the passage of other boats along the canal and should abide by the waterways code.
SCA membership: Paddlers must be members of the SCA/BCU or take out SCA day membership (£5) on the day.
For more information please contact: Neil Chalmers


The next Marathon of the season takes place on Sunday 30 April 2017.

Further details are available from the Canoe Scotland website or from the following link:


At the first national sprint regatta of the season at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham, Kirkcaldy Canoe Club were represented by 4 paddlers – Calum McAndie, Rachel Syme, Kenny Fraser and Gilbert Speirs.

Calum competed in the Boys ‘C’ K1 200m, 500m and 1000m events, successfully qualifying for each final where he placed 8th, 6th and 7th respectively. He also partnered George Pennycook of Linlithgow Kayak Racing in the K2 events

Rachel completed in Womens C K1 200m, 500m and 1000m events where she finished 1st in the 200m and 500m events and 3rd in the 1000m event.

Gilbert competed in the Mens D and Masters C/D K1 200m and 500m races finishing 4th in Final 1 of the 200m event and winning the Final 1 of the 500m event.

Kenny also raced in the K1 500m event qualifying for Final 2 where after a hard fought battle with LKR’s Derek Marshall finished in 6th place a mere 0.01 seconds behind Derek.

Gilbert and Derek Marshall also made the most of the excellent paddling conditions for April to paddle in K2 events finishing 3rd in both the 200m and 1000m events whilst going one better and finishing 2nd in the 500m.

Congratulations go to Calum and Rachel on their promotions to Boys ‘B’ and Womens ‘B’ respectively.