15/07/09 – Successful trip to British Sprint Kayak Championships

Kirkcaldy Canoe Club paddlers enjoyed a successful trip to the British sprint kayak championships last weekend. The event was held at the National Watersports Centre, Nottingham. Club paddlers were competing for either the club or racing under the Scottish Development squad banner.

Conditions were good over the weekend with a slight headwind, however it did slow the times slightly. On Saturday the racing was over the 500, and 200m courses in K1, K2, and K4 kayaks. On Sunday racing was held for all the classes over the 1000m course.

Club members Colin McMorrin, Paula Henderson, Colin Chapman, Steven Veale and Matthew McVay competed for Scottish Development squad. All achieved good results in their respective categories, with this event being their first visit to the British championships for several paddlers. Notable results included Colin Chapman coming sixth in his 1000m race and winning promotion to the Boys C category. Paula Henderson also gained promotion to Girls B after winning bronze in the K4 500m race.

Paddling for Kirkcaldy, club members Alan Henderson, Derek Veale, Neil Chalmers and Margaret Chapman recorded good results in K1 and K2 races.

Kirkcaldy also had paddlers competing for the first time in the mini-kayak category. This class is for paddlers up to 12 years old in a single make of boat. At this regatta Rachel Syme and Iain Chapman were KCC’s representatives. Both had the opportunity to paddle in single and crew boats on an Olympic standard laned course.

The next sprint regatta for Kirkcaldy paddlers will be at Strathclyde Park on August 16th, followed by another trip to Nottingham for the inter-club sprint regatta on September 5/6th.

Kirkcaldy Canoe club is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion will be holding an event at Kinghorn Loch on Friday 7thAugust, to which all members, past and present, are invited. There will be a team K4 race held over 30 minutes, as well as a barbeque and raffle. Full details are available on our website at www.kirkcaldycanoeclub.co.uk