15/9/08 – Is this our most senior paddler? Happy Birthday Mrs K.

Margaret Kinninmonth, or Mrs K as she is known in the club, celebrated her 80th birthday this week with a training session in a K2.

A surprise party was organised for the clubs regular Monday night training session at Kinghorn Loch. The shed was decorated and cake bought to celebrate when Mrs K turned up at the loch for just another training evening. Over 25 people were present to help mark the occasion.

Mrs K then took to the water in the back of the K2 with daughter Margaret and put into practice all the tips and tuition she usually gives from the bank. It was soon getting dark and was time to come off the water and light the candles on the cake. This was enjoyed by all the people who came along on the night.

On behalf of Mrs K she would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who came along and made the night so memorable, it was very unexpected!

The photos below show every one who came along, the training, and the cake.


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