Kirkcaldy Club paddlers. James McKeown and Rachel Syme, competed at the latest national regatta at the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham proudly wearing the Lion Rampant vest of the Scottish Development Squad.
Division A and B girls all raced together on this occasion, and Rachel’s best result of the weekend was her first place in Final 2 of the K1 200m event with a time of 52.58 seconds.  In her other 2 distances of 500m and 1000m she finished 3rd in Final 2. 
With her partner – Alison Martin of Richmond Canoe Club – the girls also finished a consistent 4th in all 3 of their K2 races.  In the K2 500m event, the girls were beaten by 3 crews who have all been chosen to represent the junior GB team at forth-coming international regattas.
In Boys’ B, James made Final 2 in the K1 500m, but achieved his best result in the 1000m, coming 9th in Final 1 in a time of 4:46.93. James and his partner James Swinburne (Strathclyde Kayak Racing) also made Final 1 in both 500m and 1000m in the K2, finishing 6th and 8th respectively. In the K2 200m, Men’s and Boys’ A and B were all amalgamated, meaning the boys were racing the fastest boats on the water. Although this very tough competition meant that they were pushed into Final 2 in this event, the boys still thoroughly enjoyed it, taking away great race experience.
All in all a good weekend for our 2 Kirkcaldy paddlers.  The club also wishes James and Rachel ‘Good Luck’ in their forth-coming ‘Higher’ examinations.