How Do I Start Canoeing?

Canoeing with Kirkcaldy Canoe Club is easy. Turn up at one of our training sessions and have a go. Sprint and marathon racing is more focussed in getting to the start line first, and not getting wet and doing ‘eskimo rolls’ which is often the image canoeing and kayaking conjures! This means you don’t have to get wet and capsize, although this may happen to begin with…
We have a wide selection of club boats to suit all sizes from ages 5 – 70 and beyond.

What Do I Need To Bring With Me?
The best clothing for canoeing is light thin layers which can be added or removed depending on the weather. Synthetic, thermal clothing is best as it keeps you warm and dries quickly. To begin with, a T-shirt and thin sweatshirt, and training bottoms are ideal. An old pair of trainers will protect your feet if you fall in. In the warmer weather a pair of shorts are ideal. A thin cagoule will help keep you warm also.

The club have a wide range of buoyancy aids for all shapes and sizes, as well as paddles.

When Are Club Training Sessions?

Club training sessions take place at Kinghorn Loch on Tuesday and Thursday sessions from 6.30pm to 8pm between April and October. Competent paddlers can paddle through the winter, usually on Saturday at 10am.

There are also regular training sessions throughout the rest of the week, however these tend to be for more experienced paddlers.

Is There Any Competitions I Can Compete At?

Yes. There is a wide range of competitions and events which the club enter. A comprehensive calendar of events happens all year round. During the summer there are either sprint or marathon events most weekends on a variety of waters. These include lochs, canals, and rivers. It is a great chance to see areas you’ve never seen before. Most events cater for all ages and abilities with opportunities for all.

The club organise several marathon races annually, and also two sprint regattas at Kinghorn Loch in June and August. These are well supported with close racing guaranteed.

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  1. Hi, we’re 2 adults interested in learning to kayak, are you still running training in the evenings? Many thanks, Suzanne and Andrew

  2. Hello,

    I was just wondering if you were planning on running any more children’s lessons over the school holidays? Thanks.

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