Marathon Calendar Updated – Hasler Qualifiers

With only 4 Hasler Qualifiers left in the Kirkcaldy Canoe Club calendar, have you done enough to race in the 2013 Hasler Finals.

The Hasler Series  is the British National Club Championship in the sport of Marathon Canoeing, a long distance form of canoe racing.  Regional races take place from April through to October, The National Finals take place in the Autumn and are held around the country, this year 2013 it is being held in Reading.

Racing on flat water, in both KAYAK and CANOE, in nine divisions and over distances of 4, 8 or 12 miles (for beginners through to advanced paddlers respectively). Paddlers compete solo or in doubles, in kayaks (K1s and K2s) or canoes (C1s and C2s).

Points are awarded in regional races throughout the racing season and the highest ranking clubs in each region compete in the Hasler Finals for the Hasler Trophy.


Grand Dunk Marathon 
Leukaemia Marathon 
Glasgow Green Marathon (HQ13) Scottish Racing Week #1
Lubnaig Marathon (HQ-13) Scottish Racing Week #4