Well done to the three Kirkcaldy Canoe Club paddlers at the June National Regatta in Nottingham on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 June 2014.

Colin McMorrin was 2nd in the Men’s A K1 200m Final 2 and 5th in the K1 1000m Final 2.

Rachel Syme was 2nd in Girls B K1 500m Final and 5th in the Girls A/B K1 200m Final.

And, last but not least, April Chapman who was 2nd in Lightning B Final 3 with a PB of 3 min 21 secs.

On Sunday 15 June, Colin McMorrin won the Men’s A 500m Final 2 with a personal best time of 1:45. He also competed in the 5k event when he finished in 5th place.

Rachel Syme was 4th in the Girls A/B 1000m Final.

Whilst April Chapman along with K2 partner Jack Brockway from Linlithgow finished 5th in Final 2 of the K2 Lightning B 500m event.